Sunday, July 16, 2017

Artificial Radio Hour with Rev. Dr. Dr. Phill Part 29a

Hi, Heroes!

This week's podcast is actually on time!

 I'm going out of town this week so I needed to make a show quickly. Since I'm going to San Diego for Comic-Con International 2017, I figured the theme would be easy. It's comics & pop culture!

Mostly it's superhero stuff, but there are a few sci-fi TV themes tossed in that aren't technically comics related. All of this stuff would definitely be represented at the San Diego Con though, you bet!

I couldn't resist including Laurie Anderson again in the Superman section, I love that song. Petra Haden shows up again, too!

Dana Gould is a really funny guy. He was a writer on The Simpsons for many years, and I included him in this show because we'll be seeing him on Friday at The American Comedy Club in San Diego!

Metamorpho never had his own show, but he did get a theme. He was created by Bob Haney and Ramona Fradon in 1965. I'm hoping to get a sketch of him from Ramona Fradon at the convention!

Another song by nerd-rock outfit Ookla The Mok shows up here. They're funny, those guys.

I have a lot more versions of the Batman theme than the one included here. Instead of Link Wray it might have been Al Hirt, Jan and Dean, or "The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale", which was a studio group featuring members of Sun Ra's Arkestra and Blues Project. Covers of the Batman theme were very popular in 1966.

That's Ted Knight from The Mary Tyler Moore Show doing the announcing on the Flash & Aquaman intros. The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure was from a few years before the more well known Super-Friends.

Like Batman was popular in 1966, disco covers of Star Wars music was pretty big in 1977. I have at least three other examples that I didn't include here.

This version was the big hit. I have it but it's not in the podcast.
This isn't the version I used.
I didn't use this version either.
We close out this episode with Jonathan Coulton singing about zombies, but wait! It's not over!

Tune in next week for Part 2 of my Comic-Con special, because I'm not making a podcast episode from my hotel room.


Rev. Dr. Dr. Phill

Adventures of Superman Theme (Superman March) - Leon Klatzkin (composer) (1952)

O Superman (for Massenet) - Laurie Anderson (1982)

Be A Superman - Yellow Magic Orchestra (1993)

Superman Theme (from "Superman" (1978)) - Petra Haden (2013)

Sunshine Superman (Stereo) - Donovan (1966)

Superman/Jesus (UnCabaret 10-11-03) - Dana Gould (feat. Patton Oswalt) (2003)

Metamorpho Song - Songs and Stories about The Justice League Of America (1968)

Aquaman - The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (Ted Knight, narrator) (1967)

Arthur Curry (first version) - Ookla the Mok (1993)

Batman Riddles The Riddler! - Or - (Hi Diddle Riddle) - Nelson Riddle (Frank Gorshin, Adam West, Burt Ward) (1966)

Batman Theme - Link Wray & The Raymen (1966)

The Flash - The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (Ted Knight, narrator) (1967)

Is She with You? - Hans Zimmer & Junkie XL (2016)

Wonder Woman - Charles Fox, Norman Gimbel (1977)

Wonder Woman - Geoff Love & His Orchestra (1979)

I used this one.
Main theme from Star Wars - David Matthews (1977)

Cantina Band - The Electric Moog Orchestra (1977)

Rey's Theme (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) - John Williams (2015)

 dp starwars theme - Star Wars Arcade Game (1983)

dp starwars - Star Wars Arcade Game (1983)

dp starwars darkside - Star Wars Arcade Game (1983)

dp starwars endstage - Star Wars Arcade Game (1983)

Flash's Theme - Queen (1980)

Godzilla's Theme (Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah) - Akira Ifukube (1991)

Re: Your Brains (Acoustic 2013) - Jonathan Coulton (2013)

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