Sunday, July 23, 2017

Artificial Radio Hour with Rev. Dr. Dr. Phill Part 30 (29b)

Hi Heroes!

It's part two of my Comic-Con show!

This one has all the Marvel stuff, whereas last week had all the DC comics stuff, if you hadn't noticed.

Lebanese-American superstar Tiny Tim sings a weird song (the only kind of song he ever sang, honestly) about comics. This portrait is by Drew Friedman.

If "Tiberius Rising" doesn't make any sense, maybe this photo will be a clue.

Steven Universe is maybe the best cartoon ever, besides all the other good ones.

 Marvel's first cartoon were real strange. They had great songs but the animation was very limited (although it was actual art from the comics).

I kept expecting this Ramones song in the new Spider-Man movie, but no dice.

 Spidey Super Stories on The Electric Company was maybe my first exposure to the character. I still love it.

Adam WarRock used to co-host the War Rocket Ajax podcast that I listen to until he quit his job (as a lawyer!) and became a full-time rapper. This album artwork is by Evan "Doc" Shaner.

 Anyway, that's the end of my Comic-Con special(s). Talk to you guys next week for a more regular show, with podcast clips & Ruby.


Rev. Dr. Dr. Phill

Comic Strip Man - Tiny Tim (1995)

Jack Armstrong (Yalo Boola) - Jimmy Bowen Orchestra and Chorus (1966)

Doctor Who (Original Theme) - Delia Derbyshire (1963)

Tiberius Rising - Ookla the Mok (1997)

We Are The Crystal Gems (Steven Universe Theme) (Full Song) - Rebecca Sugar, Aivi & Surasshu (Zach Callison, Estelley, Michaela Dietz, Deedee Magno Hall) (2015)

UFO Main Theme - Barry Gray (1970)

Fantastic Four Radio Show opening (1975)

The Marvel Superheroes Have Arrived - The Marvel Super Heroes (1967)

Captain America Theme - The Marvel Super Heroes (1967)

Iron Man Theme - The Marvel Super Heroes (1967)

Thor Theme - The Marvel Super Heroes (1967)

Hulk Theme - The Marvel Super Heroes (1967)

Sub-Mariner Theme - The Marvel Super Heroes (1967)

Spider-Man -  Paul Francis Webster and Bob Harris (1967)

Spider-Man - Ramones (1995)

Spider-man Is Born! - The Electric Company (Morgan Freeman, Joann Sedgwick, Judy Graubart, Jim Boyd, Luis Avalos)  (1977)

Kakero! Spider-Man (駆けろ!スパイダーマン Kakero! Supaidāman, Run! Spider-Man) (Opening Theme to Spider-Man (スパイダーマン Supaidāman)) - Yuki Hide (1978)

 Spider-Man Meet the Hulk - Big Youth (1979)

Lonley Man Theme (The Incredible Hulk) - Joe Harnell (1978)

A lot of these folks weren't at Marvel in 1965, and a few of the 1965 crew was gone by the time this page was published (1969).
Voices of Marvel - Marvel Comics Bullpen (1965)

March-A-Long With Marvel - The Merry Marvel Marching Society (1967)

The King (dedicated to Jack Kirby) - Adam WarRock (2013)

Captain America (Song) - Tifton Records (1966)

There were a couple of Tifton Records releases with Marvel heroes, they all have really weird illustrations on them.

 Captain America (Story) - Tifton Records (1966)

The Silver Age f/ Tribe One - Adam WarRock (2010)

Will Adam WarRock be the hero or the villain of Avengers: Infinity War? Wait and see!

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